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"There are a great many spots on campus that I’ll fondly remember like the new Law school roof, where surprise birthday celebrations have been held…but I guess this can’t be printed as it’ll lose the surprise factor?"

Ahmad Noorfamy bin Mohamad Salleh

Year 4 Student, School of Law

Favourite class at SMU Introduction to Indus Valley. The class was an interactive wonder and it was always a joyous occasion going down to the studio to try out a variety of different activities such as traditional dance and kolam.
With SMU, I have travelled to Overseas exchange programme with the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.
Overseas Community Service Projects in the Philippines.
A fun fact about SMU The university so rich in culture and history although it is one of the younger local tertiary institutions.
Student Life / Campus Activities A decision that I’m continually grateful for was deciding to take the plunge and joining as many different activities as I could handle while (trying) to maintain a semblance of consistency in my studies. This included taking leadership roles in community service projects, both local (Kidleidoscope) as well as overseas (Project Pangarap). Additionally, being a committee member of a club with strong ties to the School of Law community, such as SMU Law Athletes (SMULA), meant that I could connect more with my peers and schoolmates outside of the seminar rooms (which we are not confined to, contrary to popular belief).
Previous school Anglo-Chinese Junior College

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