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"A highlight of my academic experience in SMU was the French language course that I took, where I learnt more about French culture and become more appreciative of the language. For my group project, we brought French food to class for our peers to try, making the class more interactive and a great learning experience for everyone"

Valerie Poh

Year 4 Student, School of Economics

Favourite class at SMU Leadership and Team Building - it was one of my favourite classes at SMU mainly because of my professor, Prof Hanoi Lok. She was such an engaging and entertaining professor who included fun and games in her class, and occasionally baked some goodies for us just to reward us for being so participative in class.
With SMU, I have travelled to I was on exchange last semester at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.
A fun fact about SMU My favourite food to get on campus? Tea Party of course!
Student Life / Campus Activities ICON Camp, SMU Rotaract, Actuarial Science Club, SMU Students Association.
Previous school Serangoon Junior College

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