Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are highly subsidised by the Singapore Government in the form of a Tuition Grant administered by the Ministry of Education. This makes studying at SMU affordable.

With the adoption of a fixed fee model, students are guaranteed that their tuition fees remain unchanged throughout the normal four-year duration of study at SMU. This provides students and parents a certainty in their financial planning.

Tuition fees for each new incoming cohort are subject to annual revisions and tuition fees mentioned are quoted in Singapore dollars (S$). The tuition fees for the Academic Year 2017-18 can be referred here.

The tuition fees do not include accommodation and living expenses. International students who are interested in information on living expenses, please click here.

Tuition Grant

The MOE Tuition Grant is a grant provided by the Government of Singapore to help students manage the costs of full-time tertiary education in Singapore. Eligible Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and international students enrolled in full-time undergraduate courses at the autonomous universities may receive it.

You are eligible to take up a Tuition Grant if you have not previously taken a Tuition Grant or received sponsorship/scholarship from the Government of Singapore to attain another qualification at an equal or higher level.

Eligible Singapore Citizens are automatically awarded a Tier A Tuition Grant, which is the highest level of tuition fee subsidy, when you commence your studies. Singapore Citizens thus pay the lowest tuition fees. There is no bond obligation.

Eligible Permanent Residents may choose to apply for a Tier B Tuition Grant only. Successful applicants are required to work for a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

Eligible international students may choose to apply for a Tier C Tuition Grant only. There is a limited number of Tuition Grants available for international students, and selection is competitive and based on merit. Successful applicants are required to work for a Singapore entity for three years upon graduation.

In addition, Permanent Residents and international students will need to apply for a Tuition Grant as part of their online admission application form. If you are offered a Tuition Grant together with your university place, you will also need to accept the Tuition Grant offer when you accept your place. After matriculating into SMU, you will need to register through the MOE TGOnline System and sign the Tuition Grant Agreement to complete the process.

Those who are not eligible or choose not to apply for the grant will pay the non-subsidised fees. By paying the non-subsidised fees throughout the course of study, they do not need to serve out the 3-year work obligation.

There are Tuition Grant implications for the following categories of students:

  1. Applicants holding degrees from the publicly-funded Singapore tertiary institutions
  2. Transfers within SMU or from the other publicly-funded Singapore tertiary institutions
  3. Re-admitted undergraduates
For more details on the Ministry of Education (MOE) website, click here.

Online Student Financial Needs Calculator

The online Student Financial Needs Calculator is an online tool to help you determine your eligibility status and the type and quantum of financial aid that you may qualify for.

Access the calculator

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