Select Testimonials From Our International Students


Akshay Bharatkumar Nayak

Year 3 Student Bachelor of Business Management Major in Marketing and Analytics
The concept of a city campus is indeed quite exciting. When I was in high school I heard that the learning environment at SMU is quite unorthodox. Hence, I felt that it was definitely worth a shot. Indeed, my experience thus far has been quite exciting! I had the opportunity to lead as an Events Director in SMU Marketing Club (Smarketing).

Lee Da Young

South Korea
Year 4 Student Bachelor of Business Management Major in Marketing and Business Analytics
I chose SMU because because the university is known for its high quality education and motivated students! I am grateful to professors who have helped me prepare for my internship and given me useful career tips. I believe I can achieve my career goals better now.

Seo Kyung Pyo

South Korea
Year 3 Student Bachelor of Accountancy Major in Financial Management and Finance
The main reason why I chose SMU was her seminar-style lecture as well as the numerous global exposure opportunities such as overseas community service projects (OCSP) and international student exchange experiences. For this, I’ve always kept in my mind the importance of making the most out of what SMU has to offer over the four years of my studies. I’m looking forward to my internship, followed by an overseas exchange programme in Fudan University, China. This year is going to be real exciting. I thank SMU for the development and exposure opportunities that it has offered me!
Ria Chatterjee, Bachelor of Social Science, India

Ria Chatterjee

Year 2 Student Bachelor of Social Science Major in Psychology and Economics
SMU is more than just another university. It promotes so much of my personal growth. Every student has abundant opportunities to reach their maximum potential. Since it is in the centre of the city, life at SMU is never boring.
Saurabh Mehra, Bachelor of Science (Economics), India

Saurabh Mehra

Year 3 Student Bachelor of Science (Economics) Major in Economics and Finance
SMU takes a different approach towards academic life. Using MBA-styled seminar rooms, it focuses more on the students and encourages greater class participation. Having been to other universities while on exchange in the USA, I can say without a doubt that SMU offers top of the class academic experiences, with a great teaching faculty.

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